June 17, 2017

My Magic Mirror,
Clock with Alexa

My Clock story. One day come across a youtube movie about the magicmirror projects. I thought I’ll give shot, starting to thinking how to start, what I will need to build my own miagicmirror and also cost of project. Then came the time for little digging in google which took me to the mirror forum and other great sites, different sources of information and very helpfully members. That then took me to the Michael T. github page.

two way mirror
Very cool fella with other cool projects. So lets get to project Hardware. I’ve been given a broken Apple iPad first gen, which fixed last year. But I’m this tablet is to old to be somewhat useful device. So tablet ended up in the bottom of a drawer in the cupboard for quite some time. I wasn’t too sure what to do with it. I thought it will perfect for my little clock project. First step will be to order two way mirror glass about 11 inch size for £20, with out magic glass we can’t talk about magicmirror. When I picked up the glass I took it straight to the frame shop.
my magic clock
I ordered a picture frame for about £25, deep enough so it would accommodate 6mm glass, iPad screen, RaspberryPi board and a step down power module which can be found on ebay for a little as £2 to £5. Simple reason for adding the step down power module is the Raspberry Pi and iPad screen work on two different power supplies, different voltages and also different amperage. RaspberryPi 3 uses 5v 2.5A whereas the iPad screen needs only 3.3 volts in order to power on, but the lcd board normally takes about 6v to 12volts. So either way I will need to power both devices on one power pack (just to make it simple and easy). I also purchased a RaspberryPi Camera and motion detector from ModMyPi. Then I ordered power pack from ebay for about £5, which should handle RaspberryPi 3 and iPad screen, necessary voltage and amperage My raspberryPi uses micro sd 32gb which is way more than what is needed for this project.
I followed installation steps to install magicmirror on to my clock and then start installing modules. Modules. Default magicmirror come pre install with some modules like: alert, calendar, clock, compliments, currentwether, helloworld, and few others. I had some fun time playing around with this. But that wasn’t enough to call my clock a smart clock. So I start adding other modules, some successfully and then some I couldn’t get to work. Then came the realy fun time to make these modules work. The project isn’t completely finished yet but I can show you guys how far I got to now..

/magicmirror front
3d printed grill panel inside
3d printed magicmirror back panel